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Year 1 News

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  • New topics, whole class learning and counting class inventories in tens and ones - what a week!

    Published 14/01/22

    Year 1 have been incredibly busy in their first full week back. We have been so impressed with their whole class writing where we have written the beginning of the story of 'Where the Wild Things Are" in the past tense and using sentence openers as well as with accurate punctuation! In maths, we have been learning about place value in numbers - tens and ones. We began this module by counting in tens and ones all the pencils, pens, rulers etc we could find in our classrooms and sending Mr Holmes an inventory in tens and ones. He was so impressed! We started our new science topic on 'materials'. This week we investigated what things felt like, and what they were made from, using a feely bag. We worked in science groups learning to record our findings and take turns too! It was so much fun. 

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  • Festive fun!

    Published 17/12/21

    We have had a lovely final week of term in Year 1. We enjoyed writing our instructions for how to make a Christmas potion using bossy verbs and adjectives.  We also tried to include some time words in our writing to make it more exciting.

    In maths, we practised writing our numbers in words to 10. We used some spell well activities to help us. We have also been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We used a hundred square to count and noticed some patterns as we were counting.

    In science, we made our own snow and had lots of fun playing with it!

    Finally, we have been enjoying some Christmas activities such as designing our own Christmas jumpers and decorating Christmas decorations as well as seeing what our cheeky elf has been up to each day!


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  • Christmas potions!

    Published 10/12/21

    This week Year 1 have been busy having lots of fun making Christmas potions! We read Room on the Broom and then thought about what we would put into our own potions using bossy verbs ready to write instructions next week.

    We have continued our learning about measures in maths, with a focus weight. We enjoyed ordering objects from heaviest to lightest and measured object in the classroom using cubes and a balancing scale.

    We have also been exploring the continent of Australasia, in particular the country Australia. We learnt about some famous landmarks and then created our own aboriginal artwork. In science, we enjoyed going on a Winter walk and discussing seasonal changes. We thought about the changes we saw in winter including bare trees, frost and colder weather.

    We also felt very festive making our Christmas crowns ready for our singing and were very excited to perform for you all!

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  • Christmas has begun in Year One!

    Published 03/12/21
    This week the Year 1 Children definitely have got into the Christmas spirit! We have been learning about measures in maths, with a focus on length and height. The children have used this knowledge to make beautiful paper Christmas trees with strips o
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  • Racing boats and designing stories!

    Published 26/11/21
    This week Year 1 have been making boats and seeing how far they go when you add washing up liquid behind them in water. Some boats have moved quickly, and we have had a few that sunk! However, it was lots of fun! We recorded the results of our e
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  • Floating eggs!

    Published 19/11/21

    Year 1 have had another brilliant week of learning. We did another science experiment where we continued to make predictions and make observations. This week we predicted if an egg would sink or float in different liquids. We were very surprised to see that an egg will sink in water but when you add lots of salt to it, it actually floated! 

    In English, we enjoyed writing sentences to describe our own monsters that we had created. We used adjectives to think about our how our monster looks and its personality. We have also continued looking at explorers and this week we learnt about some explorers that travelled all the way to Antarctica. In art, we sketched some icebergs, thinking about how we can shade them to show where the light is. Finally, in maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction and how they are related. 

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  • Skittles rainbow science fun!

    Published 12/11/21

    Year 1 have had a brilliant week of learning! One of our highlights was our science lesson. We investigated what would happen to skittles when water was added to them. Before doing the experiment we made a prediction about what we thought would happen, and then we observed any changes throughout. We were amazed to see the water turn into a rainbow as the colours of the skittles did not mix! 

    We have also enjoyed writing about more characters from the Gruffalo using adjectives. In maths, we have been using tens frames and number lines to solve subtraction number sentences. We have also been using the zones of regulation each morning to discuss how we are feeling. 

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  • The Gruffalo and pictures that move!

    Published 05/11/21

    The Gruffalo and pictures that move!

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  • Singing, designing and shapes!

    Published 22/10/21

    What an incredible week it has been! We have been singing our Harvest Assembly songs. They sang beautifully! We have videoed them and put them on Google Classroom. We hope that you enjoy them. We have begun our design and technology project -  and have been busy designing a moving picture. We will be making our designs after the half-term break. You can see some of our wonderful designs in the photo above. In maths, we have been revisiting 2D shapes and making amazing shape pictures including a house, a rocket and flowers.  We now know a lot of shapes including pentagons and hexagons. ‚Äč

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  • Feeling proud!

    Published 15/10/21

    Year 1 have had a lovely week! We have enjoyed describing a setting from the story of the Snail and the Whale. We discussed what a noun is and how we could describe it using adjectives. Then we used our senses to describe what the snail might see, hear, smell, taste and touch and wrote some sentences. In geography, we learnt about the five oceans and learnt a song to go with them. We have explored the continent Asia and learnt about some popular Chinese traditions including making lanterns. In maths, we have been learning all about addition. We have been writing addition sentences and using tens frames to solve them. We have continued to learn about Mae Jemison and thought about how proud she would have felt to overcome her fear of heights and become the first African-American woman to travel into space. We also thought about all the amazing things we can be proud of, for example learning to ride a bike and all our fantastic learning in school. We really loved sharing these with our buddy classes.

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  • Storrytelling, painting and Christmas!

    Published 08/10/21

    We have had a lovely creative week in Year 1!

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  • The sense of touch and the living value of unity

    Published 01/10/21

    Exploring the sense of touch and learning the importance of unity.

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