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Year 6

Teachers: Mrs Adams and Mrs D'Urso (6AD), Mr Kennedy (6K), Mrs Sroka (6S)

Additional Teachers Mr Lancaster, Ms Maile and Mrs O'Brien

Support Staff Mrs Scott, Mrs Davies and Mrs Henehan

We have been thrilled to welcome the children back into school and they are settling back into their school routines quickly. 

In geography we are learning about Mediterranean Europe with a focus on Italy and the children have enjoyed researching some of the 'capoluogo' (regional capital cities).  Their new found knowledge will soon be put to good use when they create holiday brochures in their English lessons.  We are especially keen to help the children to consolidate and develop their writing skills, in a range of curriculum subjects, to prepare them for the move to secondary school.  The children have opportunities to read across all subjects and we continue to encourage them to read for pleasure by frequently discussing books and making recommendations to each other.

In science we have been learning about the human circulatory system and will move on to thinking about the other systems in the body, how they work together and how we can keep ourselves healthy.   As part of this we are finding opportunities for the children to be active and outdoors as often as possible.

Maths is all about measure!  We have already revised metric measures, learned how to convert between metric and imperial measures and next we will be moving onto to area and perimeter.

In music, we have already started learning to play salsa with a view to creating our own Latin rhythms over the next few weeks.  We have also been enjoying some al fresco singing and are looking forward to performing to you at pick up time on Friday 26th March.  Our art lessons have involved closely observing pictures of ammonites and making detailed drawings in preparation for sculpting clay models of them.

The children are learning to say the alphabet in French and to name places in their local environment.  They will combine these skills to use grid references to give locations of landmarks nearby.  Our RE lessons are focusing on wisdom and how this is interpreted in different religions.  PSHE lessons are helping the children to reflect on our living value of 'simplicity' and we are also using these sessions to support the children in their transition to secondary school.