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Year 4

Teachers: Mrs Teeling (4T),  Mrs Webster & Mrs Mold (4HW), Miss Lister (4L)

Support staff Mrs Burlow, Mrs Barry, Miss Stannell, Miss Fosh, Mrs Hopwood, Mrs Sayyed,  Miss O'Mahoney, Mrs Ahayoun

Our final half term in year 4 has arrived with the sunshine. We have 7 weeks packed with lots of exciting learning which  has kicked off with a focus on poetry in English, geometry in maths, pattern seeking in science and re-enacting the Battle of Bosworth in history.

Over the half term, we will do more story writing in English and we will base some writing on the fabulous Leon and the Place Between. We will also be using this book as a basis for our drama workshop at Putney Arts Theatre in the first week of July. We hope that one member of each child's family will be able to join the audience at the theatre on the afternoon of their child's workshop.

In history, we will continue to learn about Henry VIII and in science we will continue to work scientifically through carrying out investigations. We are using the chromebooks in our classrooms to improve our programming skills and in music we are looking at the rhythms used in a piece of jazz music by Dave Brubeck. In addition to all this learning, we are lucky enough to be swimming every week.