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Year 3

Teachers: Mrs Teeling (3T), Miss Fosh, (3F) Mrs Webster and Miss Mortimer(3MW)

TAs: Mrs Davies, Mrs Barry, Mrs Chaoui, Miss Steele, Miss Zakiya, Miss Hazell

Year 3 have enjoyed the start to the second half of the Autumn Term as they have immersed themselves in our new class text, The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman. We are loving getting to know the characters and the exciting scenes as our hero, Lila, sets off on her quest. In science, we have been learning about forces and friction and will be investigating magnets. In geography, we are comparing the temperatures in 4 different places called Richmond which are located in different parts of the world and investigating why the temperatures and seasons vary on both sides of the equator.

For more information about our learning this term, please see the attached Autumn bulletin.