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Year 2

Miss Bakrania (Owls) Miss Bolton (Doves) Miss Coombs (Robins)

TAs/LSAs: Miss Mundo, Mrs Matthai, Mrs Brenna and Ms Orlando

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half-term and enjoyed the weather!  Here are some of the things we are up to this term…

In English we will continue to look at stories by the author Anthony Browne and make links to other stories throughout the term. We will look at stories like The Tunnel and Into the Woods. We will also look at how many of his stories link to traditional tales and fairy tales. Our writing will be related to the Victorians, as well as creating our own alternative traditional tale. In phonics, we will continue to look at our spelling patterns and look at elements like plurals, words with suffixes, contracted words like ‘I’m, You’re, They’re’, possessive apostrophes and homophones. 

In Maths we will be looking at topics like shape, patterns, doubling/halving, measures, all 4 calculations and finishing the term with data handling.

We will continue to look at the Victorians and look at what life was life for the rich and poor. We will then move on to looking at migration and the commonwealth, and link this with our Living Values work. We will end the year by learning about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. ‚Äč

In science we will continue with our work on living things and their habitats before focusing on food chains. In RE, we will be looking at Sikhism and building on our understanding of the Living Values in PSHCE. Our value this half-term is TOLERANCE!

We will of course continue our well-being work linked to the Zones of Regulation and continue to explore and build up tools that will help to support our emotional intelligence and literacy.

Please find below, documents to support learning.