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Year 1

Otters: Mrs Wigmore, Mrs Evers, Mrs House

Hedgehogs: Mrs Bojkovic, Mrs Nesbitt, Miss Hillier, Ms Douglas

Moles: Miss Bolton, Miss Steel

Welcome to the Spring term! Year 1 have returned ready to learn which has been wonderful. We are now teaching whole class lessons and the carousel of activities has stopped. However, we will be still be using our continuous provision and challenges that will continue to develop independent learning and play.

This half term, in English, we will be exploring the wonderful fantasy book of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. The children will immerse themselves in drama through freeze frames, hot seating and acting. They will retell the story and change elements of the story to write part of the story themselves. In grammar, we will look at the past tense and using basic conjunctions to extend sentences. They will learn to develop their sketching skills by drawing their own ‘Wild Thing’ in Art and Design.

In Phonics, we will explore the rest of the phase 5 sounds whilst revising the phase 3 and 5 sounds learnt already. The children will also become familiar with their exception words.

In Maths we are focusing on number bonds to 10 and 20, then moving on to place value and partitioning using various resources to investigate how numbers are made up of tens and ones.

In History, we will be learning about transport in the past. The children will learn what the past is and how we can find out about it through objects, pictures and information.

In Science, we will be learning about ‘Materials’ and their properties and exploring why materials are used for specific objects.

As part of our PSHE and circle time sessions, our focus will be on the value of RESPONSIBILITY, and in RE we are learning about Judaism.

We greatly appreciate all of your ongoing support, thank you.

The Year 1 Team.