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Pasta week

The focus this week in Year 6 has been on developing our basic cooking skills – we have been making pasta and a range of tomato sauces.  Earlier in the week we evaluated a range of commercially available sauces to work out what we would like to include in our own sauce – garlic, basil, oregano, herbs, chillies anyone?  We then practised our chopping, frying and stirring skills as we tasted and adjusted our tomato sauce.  Later in the week, we made a pasta dough and then fashioned it into a range of pasta shapes. We also looked at the provenance, nutritional and seasonal aspects of the food we had prepared and designed the packaging we would have used if we were hoping to sell our final product.  Right at the end of it all, we evaluated the quality of the food we had made which ranged from “the pasta was quite rubbery” to “my sauce was aromatic and fresh.”