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Year 4 News

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  • Route-Mapping and Clarinet

    Published 25/05/23


    We have been applying our field skills; using compass bearings, cardinal directions and directional language to write out our own routes from one location in the school grounds to another.

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  • Don't do, Don't do, Don't do that!

    Published 11/05/23

    Michael Rosen inspired poetry. 

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  • Tooth Decay Results, Smoothie Bikes and Orienteering

    Published 25/04/23

    We've had a busy start to the Summer Term!

    Last week we observed the results of our tooth decay experiment. We discovered the effects of the following substances on tooth enamel: Coca-Cola, vinegar, coffee and water. The children could see the staining that Coca-Cola and coffee caused to the egg shell, that the egg shell stayed the same in water, but were horrified that the egg shell disintegrated in the vinegar!

    We pedalled our smoothies to perfection to help raise money for our Forest, Field and Fun initiative on Thursday. 

    The day before Juniper Hall, we got outside and brushed up on our orienteering skills, ready for our geography field skills trip to Juniper Hall this week! 




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  • Tooth Decay!

    Published 29/03/23

    Over the last couple of weeks, in science, the children have been learning about how to keep teeth healthy! We have discussed how certain types of food can lead to cavities and to support the children's understanding we have set up an investigation using eggs. The shell of an egg is made from a similar substance as enamel, and we are looking forward to seeing if there are any changes in the eggs' shell which have been put into jars of water, vinegar, coca-cola and coffee! What do you think will happen?

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  • Sushi Demonstration and Researching Animal Diets

    Published 15/03/23
    The children were inspired after watching Taka's mummy give a demonstration on how to make sushi. It was an exciting afternoon, and they thoroughly enjoyed taste testing the sushi pieces! In science the children worked in pairs to research
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  • Marshmallow Mouths

    Published 28/02/23

    We have started learning all about the digestive system in Year 4 and thoroughly enjoyed making replica mouths out of marshmallows. Children learnt that the digestive system starts with our teeth, the names of the teeth and where our food travels and how fast! Did you know it takes 6 seconds for your mouthful of food to reach your stomach? We are all looking forward to the Science Museum trip and 'It Takes Guts' show later in the term. 

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  • Ichi, ni, san, shi!

    Published 07/02/23

    Japan Day!  

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  • Sound!

    Published 26/01/23

    Over the last two weeks, the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about sound in science. They have taken part in investigative activities, in order for them to understand how sound travels through different states of matter! 

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  • Lights, sound, Kensuke's Kingdom!

    Published 12/01/23

    And then there was light! 

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  • Merry Christmas!

    Published 15/12/22
    Year 4 have been busy rehearsing the songs for their Christmas concert. The candles have been lit, the staging is up and we are ready to give a spectacular performance. Thank you parents for your unwavering support this term. Enjoy a ver
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  • One man's junk is another man's treasure!

    Published 01/12/22

    Marble Mania!

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  • Forest School Day!

    Published 17/11/22

    Last week the children had a fantastic day taking part in our forest school day! Throughout the day, they took part in a number of different activities such as learning how to measure trees, a scavenger hunt and orienteering.  All the activities ensured the children worked well as a team, by using their listening and communicating skills. Fun was had by all and the teaching team were very proud of the children! 

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