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Year 4 News

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  • Ancient Greece!

    Published 29/09/22

    Over the past two weeks in Year 4, we have been learning about Ancient Greece in History. In our lessons we have been looking at architecture, looking at the three different columns used in buildings and understanding why they are used. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating the columns (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian) using plasticine! 

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  • Our First Two Weeks!

    Published 14/09/22

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  • Restful summer wishes from Year 4

    Published 19/07/22

    We have really enjoyed teaching the Year 4 children this year. Highlights have included our 3 days at Juniper Hall, visiting the Science Museum, Hampton Court, Putney Arts Theatre and dressing up as Romans and Greeks. The children have loved our class books and have just enjoyed the emotional ending of There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. We wish all the children and their families a restful and enjoyable summer. Good luck in year 5!

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  • Pop up books

    Published 15/07/22

    Our week has been dominated by our design and technology project; creating pages for a pop-up version of Leon and the Place Between.  The children learnt new skills in creating levers and linkages with fixed and loose pivots before designing and creating their own page based on this magical book.

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  • Budding actors

    Published 08/07/22

    Year 4 have had a wonderful chance to perform on a stage this week as each class has spent a day at Putney Arts Theatre with the Group 64 team. The day culminated in a magical performance for parents.

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  • Hampton Court

    Published 30/06/22

    We had a royal day out at Hampton Court this week where we discovered more about the life of Henry VIII. We explored the Great Hall, the Great Watching Chamber, the Council Chamber, the Chapel and his magnificent kitchens which served 600 courtiers every day for lunch and dinner.

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  • Do you know all your times table facts?

    Published 23/06/22

    Year 4 have all completed the mandatory Multiplication Table Check (MTC) in the past 2 weeks. The children complete the test online and have to answer 25 random times table questions up to 12 x 12 with only 6 seconds to think of the answer and input it. I wonder how well parents would do on the test? The children have been practising at home and at school all year so most were well-prepared. We ensure that the children do the test in a calm environment with no distractions and we will not be publishing the results as this is only a snapshot of how the children performed on one day. We do not want them to feel any pressure about this assessment; the children use their recall of times table facts every day when solving maths problems or calculations.

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  • Budding musicians

    Published 17/06/22

    Year 4 have been continuing to learn notes on the clarinet. If you listen very carefully on Thursday afternoons, you may be able to hear Mary Had a Little Lamb or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

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  • The Battle of Bosworth

    Published 10/06/22

    Year 4 have begun to learn about the Tudor dynasty. Read on to find out more...

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  • Red, White and Blue Tea Party

    Published 26/05/22

    Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon of 'Platinum Time' this afternoon as they celebrated the Queen's jubilee with year 3. During the day they learnt about the reign of Queen Elizabeth and made decorations ready for the party.

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  • Wider Opportunities

    Published 19/05/22

    As part of the enrichment opportunities we offer at Sheen Mount, year 4 learn the basics of playing the clarinet. On Thursday afternoons, we are joined by teachers from Richmond Music Trust who have been teaching us how to assembly our clarinets and to play a few notes.

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  • Romans in Britain

    Published 01/04/22

    Year 4 had an amazing day on Wednesday when we spent the whole day pretending that we lived in a Roman town in Britain. In the photo you can see some of our soldiers marching and protecting the town from Celtic uprisings as we carried out our tasks. We had many jobs including making clay lamps and pots, crushing olives to make oil for the lamps, creating mosaics, designing frescos, crushing charcoal for writing, making wax tablets, making jewellery and creating medicines and beauty treatments at the bath house. Many thanks to the parents and older sibling helpers who made all these activities possible. Read on to find out what we did in the afternoon.

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