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Year 2 News

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  • Victorian Day and End of term!

    Published 22/07/21

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  • Scooter training!

    Published 15/07/21

    Year 2 have had a very busy and exciting week! In history, we researched all about Mary Seacole and then wrote a fact page about her. In maths, we have enjoyed collecting information and sorting it using Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. We enjoyed finding out our classes favourite fruit and then creating a bar chart to show the data. We also enjoyed learning colours in French and thinking about what tools we can use to stay calm and happy as part of our Zones of Regulation. We enjoyed going to the computing suite and spending some time on Busy Things. We all completed Scooter training at the end of the week and had lots of fun learning how to stay safe while riding our scooters.

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  • Spectacular Sports Day!!!

    Published 09/07/21

    We have had a wonderful busy week in Year 2! In English, we continued to write our own traditional tale, swapping the roles of the good and evil characters. The children produced amazing pieces of writing full of imagination. In maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of the 4 operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, using whichever methods work best for us. Whether that is using arrays, sharing circles, partitioning or working out answers in our heads. In science, we have continued our topic of animals including humans, this time exploring food chains further. We discussed the difference between a producer and a consumer, as well as predators and prey. The children had to make up different food chains that they may find in different habitats, such as the ocean, a woodland or a desert. Today, we were very lucky to have a Sports day! Mr Lancaster arranged loads of wonderful activities for us that included sprint relay, long distance running and throwing bean bags. It was so much fun!

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  • Butterflies and traditional tales!

    Published 01/07/21
    Year 2 have had a very busy and exciting week, with the highlight being releasing our class butterflies! We eagerly watched them grow from small caterpillars and felt as happy as a rainbow to see them fly away. In English, we started planning our own
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  • Year 2 reaching new heights!

    Published 25/06/21

    We have had another busy week in Year 2!

    This week in maths we have been looking at rounding numbers and using this to estimate calculations. We also explored length and enjoyed measuring a variety of objects around the classroom.  We particularly enjoyed measuring our height!
    In English, we read another Anthony Browne book, The Tunnel. We made a prediction about what we thought would happen on the other side of the tunnel and also made inferences thinking about how the characters were feeling at different points in the book. 
    In history, we learnt about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and why they are important. We then enjoyed sketching both Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. 

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  • The drama of a poor Victorian Child!

    Published 18/06/21
    This week in maths we have been looking at doubling and halving and how these relate to multiplication and division. In English we wrote a diary entry recounting the day in the life of a poor Victorian child. We shared how miserable it would be worki
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  • Summer and Symmetry!

    Published 10/06/21

    Summer and Symmetry! 

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  • Year 2 are in stitches!

    Published 27/05/21

    This week, Year 2 have enjoyed discovering Victorian pastimes. We have made and decorated our own hand puppets. We sewed the puppet together using a running stitch then decorated it to look like our chosen animal. We then evaluated our puppets and discussed what went well and how we would make them even better. Overall we were very pleased with them!

    We also played the egg and spoon race, a game children often enjoyed playing in the Victorian times. After, we wrote instructions for how to play the game.

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  • Time for Time in Year 2!

    Published 21/05/21

    This week in Year 2 we have been continuing to explore the book by Anthony Browne in English, this time we have been looking at the book Gorilla. The children created a lovely piece of writing inspired by the story by choosing their own animal to go on an amazing adventure with. In maths we have been reviewing Time and pushing our understanding further by looking at quarter past, quarter to and 5 minute intervals. In science we have been continuing our topic of Habitats and looking at animals that live underground and underwater. In history we have been exploring what Victorians do for fun and creating our own optical illusions. Finally, in D+T we have been designing and creating our own hand puppet based on the animal using our sewing skills.

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  • Victorian schools, sewing and mental health!

    Published 13/05/21

    This week Year 2 have been thinking about our mental health and using activities to help us feel calm, happy and the best we can be. We have also continued to learn about what life was like in Victorian schools and wrote an information page about this. Did you know if children used to have to stand up when an adult enter the room? We have also completed some maths work about money and continued our science topic of habitats by looking at arctic and desert environments. Finally, we also started practising sewing and doing a running stitch to help us with our DT work next week. It was a little tricky, but we will keep trying! 

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  • Year 2 News!

    Published 06/05/21

    This week Year 2 have enjoyed looking at minibeasts and micro habitats! We discussed what minibeasts we might find around the school then went for a nature walk around the field to see what we could find. We had lots of fun looking under logs for woodlice, millipedes and even spiders!

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  • Year 2

    Published 29/04/21

    We have had a very busy week in Year 2!

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