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Year 2 News

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  • Harvest singing and Autumn crowns!

    Published 21/10/21
    Year 2 have had a busy end to this half-term making autumn crowns and singing harvest songs. We have been so impressed with all the children's enthusiasm and joy to be singing together so beautifully. In English, we
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  • Proud to be and writing our STUCK story!

    Published 15/10/21

    This week, we have continued to celebrate Black History Month with some classes swapping and sharing their learning with others. Year 2 were very proud to share their posters about Marcus Rashford. We have also used the theme of 'proud to be' to think about what we are proud ourselves and this promoted lots of lovely discussion. We have been thinking about how amazing it is that everyone is different and thought about how boring it would be if everyone was the same. We created some AMAZING ME posters. In English, we planned our own version of the story of STUCK by Oliver Jeffers and wrote the beginning. In phonics, we have been continuing with our sounds using the Little Wandle way! We also finished our pieces of art about the Great Fire of London after building up our painting skills this term. 

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  • Black History Month: Marcus Rashford

    Published 07/10/21
    In Year 2 we have been celebrating Black History Month. We have been the discussing the importance of treating all people equally and being proud of who we are. Our focus person is Marcus Rashford, and we are very proud to be exploring the life of su
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  • Bolero dancing and apple and honey!

    Published 29/09/21

    Year 2 have really enjoyed retelling the story of STUCK by Oliver Jeffers. We learnt some actions and created a story map to show our understanding. In RE, we celebrated the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah. We explored different, important objects like challah bread, shofar horn and apple and honey. We even dipped some apple in honey and wished each other a sweet new year. In maths,we continued our number work by going over addition strategies. In music, we continued to listen to ‘Bolero’ by Ravel and created some great dance routines.

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  • Floating and Sinking Oranges in Science

    Published 24/09/21

    In Year 2, we have had a very productive learning week. In English, we enjoyed reading the story, 'Imaginary Fred' and created our own imaginary friends. We then wrote a character description of our new friend. In Maths, we demonstrated our understanding of number and place value, showing that we were able to partition numbers, order numbers and compare numbers. In History, we learnt about Samuel Peyps and the importance of his diary during the Great Fire of London. 

    In Science, we learnt about predictions and observations in an experiment. We observed what happened to a peeled orange and an unpeeled orange when put in water. Do you know what would happen? The peeled orange sank and the unpeeled orange floated! This is because the peel contains little pickets of air- which essentially keeps the orange afloat!

    In Art, we explored using paint mixed with materials such as glitter, straw and crayons to see what would be effective for our Great Fire of London paintings. We are looking forward to painting these next week. 

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  • Sorting in Science

    Published 17/09/21
    This week in Year 2, we have been continuing our topic of The Great Fire of London by sequencing the events of the fire. We learnt how the fire started and the factors that meant it spread so quickly. In science, we have been looking at sorting and c
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  • Archaeological Dig and The Day the Crayons Quit!

    Published 07/09/21
    Year 2 have had a fabulous start to the new term! We have enjoyed having the chance to do indoor PE, playing together in the playground, eating lunch together and having live assemblies! In English, we started looking at the story of the Day the Cray
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  • Victorian Day and End of term!

    Published 22/07/21

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  • Scooter training!

    Published 15/07/21

    Year 2 have had a very busy and exciting week! In history, we researched all about Mary Seacole and then wrote a fact page about her. In maths, we have enjoyed collecting information and sorting it using Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. We enjoyed finding out our classes favourite fruit and then creating a bar chart to show the data. We also enjoyed learning colours in French and thinking about what tools we can use to stay calm and happy as part of our Zones of Regulation. We enjoyed going to the computing suite and spending some time on Busy Things. We all completed Scooter training at the end of the week and had lots of fun learning how to stay safe while riding our scooters.

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  • Spectacular Sports Day!!!

    Published 09/07/21

    We have had a wonderful busy week in Year 2! In English, we continued to write our own traditional tale, swapping the roles of the good and evil characters. The children produced amazing pieces of writing full of imagination. In maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of the 4 operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, using whichever methods work best for us. Whether that is using arrays, sharing circles, partitioning or working out answers in our heads. In science, we have continued our topic of animals including humans, this time exploring food chains further. We discussed the difference between a producer and a consumer, as well as predators and prey. The children had to make up different food chains that they may find in different habitats, such as the ocean, a woodland or a desert. Today, we were very lucky to have a Sports day! Mr Lancaster arranged loads of wonderful activities for us that included sprint relay, long distance running and throwing bean bags. It was so much fun!

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  • Butterflies and traditional tales!

    Published 01/07/21
    Year 2 have had a very busy and exciting week, with the highlight being releasing our class butterflies! We eagerly watched them grow from small caterpillars and felt as happy as a rainbow to see them fly away. In English, we started planning our own
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  • Year 2 reaching new heights!

    Published 25/06/21

    We have had another busy week in Year 2!

    This week in maths we have been looking at rounding numbers and using this to estimate calculations. We also explored length and enjoyed measuring a variety of objects around the classroom.  We particularly enjoyed measuring our height!
    In English, we read another Anthony Browne book, The Tunnel. We made a prediction about what we thought would happen on the other side of the tunnel and also made inferences thinking about how the characters were feeling at different points in the book. 
    In history, we learnt about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and why they are important. We then enjoyed sketching both Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. 

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