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Year 2 News

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  • Imaginary friends and working together

    Published 28/09/22

    In Year 2, we have had a very productive learning week. In English, we enjoyed reading the story of 'Imaginary Fred' and created our own imaginary friends. We then wrote a character description of our new friend.

    In Maths, we demonstrated our understanding of number and place value, showing that we were able to partition numbers and compare numbers.

    In History, we have continued to look at the events of the Great Fire of London. We put the events in order on a timeline. We also learnt at the importance of Samuel Pepys and the importance of his diary during the fire.

    In Science, we have been sorting classroom objects into different categorise. The children had to work as a group to make decisions and listen to each other. They enjoyed putting all the objects back into their correct classroom places too.

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  • A historical dig, number bonds and making gloop!

    Published 15/09/22

    Year 2 have had a great start to the Autumn term! We have enjoyed reading the Day the Crayons Quit and wrote about the crayons looks, personality and feelings. We also made inferences based on what we had read. We have also started looking at commands and using 'bossy' verbs to give instructions! 

    In maths, we have been recapping our number bonds to 10 and 20. We then checked our answers using a bar model and have moved onto comparing numbers using greater and less than symbols. 

    In history, we have begun our topic of the Great Fire of London. We went on a dig and found some artefacts which we then explored and came up with questions about what they could be.

    In science, we had lots of fun making gloop as part of our experiment! We investigated what happened when we mixed cornflour and water together and then left in to set. 

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  • Summer time!

    Published 20/07/22

    We are so proud with how hard the children have worked this year. You have all become such kind, respectful and resilient people. We hope you have an exciting, restful and rejuvenating summer.  Good luck to all the Doves, Robins and Owls in Year 3!

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  • Wonderful Wetland centre!

    Published 15/07/22

    This week Year 2 went on an amazing trip to The London Wetland Centre in Barnes. In science, we have been looking at Animal habitats so the Wetland Centre was the perfect trip for us. We travelled on the 33 to the centre, and we were so impressed with how sensible the children were on the bus. When we arrived we explored all the amazing grounds and saw so many types of birds including a huge crane. Then we went and saw some Asian small clawed Otters, luckily it was feeding time, so we saw them diving for fish. Additionally, we did a workshop on pond life and did some pond dipping. We learnt all about how different animals can survive underwater, and we saw some frogs. Finally, we went to a fantastic adventure playground and enjoyed playing in some water. This was great because it was such a hot day!

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  • Twisted tales and Sports Day!

    Published 08/07/22

    We have had a fantastic week in Year 2. We did some wonderfully, creative writing in English. Year 2 created twisted tales swapping around the good and the evil character in the story of the 3 Little pigs. In maths, we have been recapping on the 4 operations, and we were so impressed at how well Year 2 retained their knowledge on this subject. On Friday it was the KS1 Sports Day. We had an amazing time on the field competing lots of activities. We were very impressed with Year 2's resilient attitude and for working so hard. Well done everyone!

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  • A twist in a tale.....

    Published 01/07/22

    Year 2 have been super busy this week. In English, we have been reading and exploring a range of traditional tales. We then had fun acting out different parts of the stories as well as discussing our favourite characters. Next, we planned and wrote the beginning of our own traditional tales but with a twist. We have been so thrilled and proud of all the children for producing such beautiful and detailed writing. In maths, we have been continuing with learning about different units of measure. We have been busy solving problems involving weight, length and capacity. In history, we have been learning about the historic work of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.  We learnt about their contributions to nursing and the importance of remembering their work. We then sketched some detailed portraits of them. What a great week of learning we have had!

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  • Diary writing and printing!

    Published 24/06/22

    We have had a very busy week in Year 2! In maths, we have been looking at different kinds of measurement and the units that we use to measure things. We spent time estimating the length of objects in the classroom and then measuring them with rulers. In English, we wrote a diary entry as a poor Victorian child. All of Year 2 were excellent at getting into role and describing their horrifying days working in a factory or as a chimney sweep. How dangerous it must have been! Finally, in art we have continued our topic of printmaking. This time we created repeated patterns using natural materials we found on the school ground.

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  • Assemblies, Scrapbooking and The Tunnel

    Published 16/06/22
    Year 2 have continued looking at stories by Anthony Browne and have worked on predicting, inference and making links. We read 'In to the forest' and enjoyed exploring all the amazing pictures that had clues about other fairy tales. Then we re
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  • Telling the time and making music!

    Published 09/06/22

    Year 2 have had a busy and fun start back to the last half -term. 

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  • Puppet making and Jubilee celebrations

    Published 25/05/22

    We have had a lovely last week of half-term! We spent time designing, sewing and decorating puppets. These designs were inspired by the Anthony Browne story Gorilla, where a toy comes to life. Year 2 designed their puppet to look like their favourite animal. We have been working very hard and showing great resilience when practising our sewing skills. The children were very imaginative with their decorating and the results were fantastic. We also really enjoyed celebrating the Jubilee with patriotic craft activities and a delicious picnic with sandwiches and cakes. Have a wonderful and relaxing half-term!

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  • Show what you knows and Victorian pastimes!

    Published 20/05/22
    Year 2 have continued completing their 'show what you knows' and our teachers are very proud of how hard we have worked. In history, we learnt about what Victorians did for fun and explored some optical illusions, toys, games and even did som
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  • School - Victorian Style!

    Published 13/05/22

    It has been a busy week in Year 2! We have been very proud of the children’s excellent focus and positive attitudes during their SATs. Well done, everyone!
    In maths, the children have been using their subtraction and addition skills to answer word problems, using RUCSAC to help them work out what the question is asking. In English, they completed their writing about zoos, looking at both sides of an argument: are zoos good or bad? They had some excellent reasons for and against, and used sentence openers effectively to organise their writing. In history, the children learnt about, and experienced, life in school as a Victorian child! They had their daily Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic (The 3Rs) lessons where they practised their handwriting and numbers on chalkboards and read the rules of the classroom. If children did not behave, they experienced writing lines, wearing the ‘Dunce’ hat and being threatened with the cane! I think it’s safe to say that the children are glad to be in schools nowadays!


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