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  • We are authors!

    Published 17/05/23

    The children of Reception have been working incredibly hard over the past few weeks learning all about traditional tales. There has been opportunities for retelling the stories, acting them out on the stage or with puppets, drawing story maps and discussing appropriate and engaging adjectives. You might not believe this, but Reception have even written their own book! They thoroughly enjoyed sharing their writing with the Year 5 children, who were very impressed, and look forward to sharing the books with you too! 

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  • It's Show Time!

    Published 20/04/23

    The children in Reception were very surprised to find that the start of the term began with a mini production of The Three Little Pigs, where Mr Holmes played the wolf and the three class teachers the pigs! This was an excellent way to start our new topic: Traditional Tales and Stories from Around the World. 

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  • We are artists!

    Published 28/03/23

    We thoroughly enjoyed Arts Week. We were inspired by Henri Rousseau's 'Surprised!' painting and even created our own. We used watercolour for the background, vibrant pastels for the tiger and used our fine motor skills to tear paper to create a 3D grass effect. We also learnt and then performed a dance, inspired by the painting and read a story where the tiger came alive. 

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  • A dinosaur in the classroom!

    Published 02/03/23

    What a mess!!

    There was mass destruction left in reception over the weekend and we had no idea what had happened. The children looked for clues to help work out what could have made such a mess in the classrooms and decided it could have been the wind, an animal, an elf or a monster.

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  • Stick Man!

    Published 06/02/23

    I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, I'M STICK MAN, that's me, and I'm trying to get back to my family tree. 

    Reception thoroughly enjoyed their forest school day, where they journeyed through the story of Stick Man. They met the characters of the story, including a dog and Santa, as they moved around the field until finally they made their own Stick Man back at the family tree. The teachers were impressed with the children's resilience when it came to binding their sticks together. 

    The children also enjoyed orienteering, making nature crowns and a hot chocolate to warm them up at the end of the day. 

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  • 新年好 Happy Lunar New Year

    Published 24/01/23

    Carrying on with our journey around the world, this week Reception visited China and celebrated Lunar New Year. We learnt about the festival and how it is celebrated. We then made our own dragon puppets. In the Chinese culture, the dragon represents good luck, strength, and health. We loved making our dragons dance around the playground to the music played on the drums and gongs. Over the next few weeks, we look forward to using chopsticks, learning about pandas and their adaptations and making tangram rabbits. 

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  • Everything Egypt

    Published 12/01/23

    As a part of our 'Around the World' topic, the children in Reception this week flew to Egypt. First we thought about Egypt's climate and what we might need to pack. When we arrived, we looked around to notice any similarities and differences. We were surprised to learn that some people in Egypt travel by camel! We then wanted to know more about camels and found out how they have adapted for their environment. Did you know that camels have long eyelashes and three sets of eyelids to protect their eyes from the sand? 

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  • A letter for Santa

    Published 13/12/22

    What a Christmassy week! We have had a visit from the Clumsiest Elf, who entertained the children in traditional panto style. She had us all up on our feet singing, dancing and helping her find the key to Santa's sleigh. On Wednesday, the children enjoyed wearing their Christmas jumpers to school, making a Christmas crown and eating Christmas dinner with their teachers. On Friday, we were treated to another panto, but this time the teachers performed! Their singing and acting skills left a little to be desired, but it was great fun and made us all giggle.  

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  • 3, 2, 1, blast off!

    Published 01/12/22

    What a busy few weeks we have had in Reception! We have continued learning about the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in our maths lessons and have even thought about 1 and 3 sided shapes. We have been exposed to all of the phase 2 sounds in our phonics lessons now and are enjoying reviewing and practising these. Our PE lessons have focused on balance and control when jumping, skipping, hopping and running and the children thoroughly enjoyed completing circuits in their lessons to develop these skills. 

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  • Launching into Space!

    Published 15/11/22

    3, 2, 1 - Blast off!! 

    We started our new topic with a bang - a visit from a space engineer, who also happens to be a TA in Year 6!  The children had lots of wonderful questions and found out lots of new information. We then gathered our ideas and talked about what else we would like to know.

    So far we have focused on the Sun, at the centre of our Solar System, and in the coming weeks we will visit all the planets on our journey outwards. 

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  • Awesome Autumn

    Published 02/11/22

    We have been learning all about autumn and observing the seasonal changes. Before the half-term break, we enjoyed our autumn walk to Sheen Common, where we found a range of different leaves, mushrooms and moss. We also made and ate our own pumpkin soup. We were impressed with the children's fine motor skills during the preparation of the vegetables and were delighted with how many stated that it was 'the best soup ever'. 

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  • Repeating patterns, repeating patterns

    Published 11/10/22

    This week, the children in Reception learnt about repeating patterns. We started by looking at ABAB patterns then moved onto ABC patterns. We worked well to finish the pattern and also were able to spot the mistake. We then created patterns in our environments. See if you can collect some autumn materials on your walk home from school and make your own autumn pattern! 

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