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  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Published 19/05/22

    This week our Traditional Tale is Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we have been retelling the story using puppets, songs and some very good expression! We also built chairs to replace Baby Bear's broken chair, and tested them out with bears in class. The story has helped with our phonics as we are now learning new endings to words, such as 'softest', 'hardest', 'jumping' and 'running'. Outside, we decided the weather was good enough to move our amazing sunflower seedlings into the growing area and we are now thinking about ways to keep them safe from all the animals that also like to use our playground! So far, we are hoping the net and the scarecrows will work. Wish us luck!

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  • Traditional Tales and growing

    Published 13/05/22

    ​We are continuing to look at Traditional Tales as our topic in reception. The children have been looking at the Gingerbread Man and The Three Little Pigs. Everyone has loved learning all of the different stories and re-telling them with the finger puppets we have been making. We all made some fantastic houses and Mr Brooks (The Big Bad Wolf) took great pleasure when he came over to try and knock them all down with his leaf blower, the children found this very exciting. The children have been very interested in planting and they are starting to see the sunflowers creep out from the soil. 

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  • Traditional Tales from Around the World

    Published 29/04/22

    This week, we started our new topic of 'Traditional Tales from Around the World'. We began by seeing what the children already knew about the topic and then we read the 'Little Red Hen'. We focused on re-telling the story and used actions to help the children remember the order of the story. The children have been making some lovely puppets to then perform different stories in our puppet theatre role-play area. In maths, we have been continuing to look at number bonds and doubling. We used Snow White's magic mirror to double objects, the children enjoyed this activity.

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  • Easter

    Published 01/04/22

    We have learnt lots of things about Spring, and this week we saw how the weather can change - last week, sun hats and shorts, this week, woolly hats and gloves! We checked temperatures and talked about all the different types of weather that make up Spring - what an interesting season it is. To finish up our dinosaur topic, we wrote and talked about all the new things we had learnt - children and teachers! There are definitely some budding palaeontologists at Sheen Mount. Our Easter preparations included making an Easter basket with some delicious 'nests' and equally delicious eggs inside them. Then we did Easter Egg hunts in the playground - we found every single egg, even when it started snowing... We have whizzed through our phonics and completed all of Phase 3, impressing our teachers with the tricky words, digraphs and trigraphs we now know. Bring on Phase 4 - but let's have a holiday first!

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  • Signs of Spring!

    Published 25/03/22

    We have been enjoying the lovely weather in our outdoor classrooms this week, where we are playing dinosaur board games, building water chutes and making dens for the dinosaurs. We have also been looking for lots of signs of Spring - sun hats, sunglasses and PE shorts are all signs we have spotted! The bulbs and seeds are growing shoots, and we are spotting more creatures in the playground. We have made some very special paintings but we can't say any more about them yet....! Our gymnastics included commando-rolls underneath 'anaconda' netting and bouncing on a springboard for a careful take-off. We will be watching the thermometer to see if the temperature keeps on rising, but because we have learnt about Spring, we think that might change. All week we have practised our poems and songs for Friday, and Mrs O'Brien is already really impressed!

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  • Dinosaur Riddles

    Published 18/03/22

    In Reception, we know SO much about dinosaurs now that we are making up riddles to see if we can catch our teachers out - and maybe you, too! We wrote short factual sentences as clues to guess which dinosaur we were thinking of. We added to our knowledge by learning about omnivores this week, so ask us what this word means.  In maths, we are learning about number 10 - our first two-digit number! We have been counting to 10, finding out what comes before and after it, and how we can make 10 in lots of different ways. We've been looking forward to Friday - not only is it Red Nose Day, but we are making junk models from the designs we drew earlier in the week! And as well as all this, we are learning about Spring every day - this weather is showery, windy and sunny, and we are watching out for shoots, buds, insects and blossom. 

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  • Herbivores and signs of Spring

    Published 11/03/22

    We have been concentrating on the herbivore dinosaurs this week - they have so many different interesting features: long necks, blunt teeth, big heavy legs, or lots of armour and horns to scare off the carnivores! So we have labelled and painted these and they will be added to our dinosaur museum exhibits. We have been spending lots of time outside exploring capacity with water, excavating dinosaurs in the sand and practising our number knowledge with the big Numicon! We have started looking at signs of Spring, too, and we have been adding new compost to the flower beds to prepare for seeds and bulbs when the sun shines. We have noticed buds and blossom, too - there is lots growing when we walk to and from school!

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  • Carnivores and World Book Day

    Published 04/03/22

    This week we have been learning more details about dinosaurs. We looked at a dinosaur timeline, and learnt that not all dinosaurs lived at the same time. Then we looked in detail at the carnivore dinosaurs (ask us what carnivore means!) and what special features they needed to survive. Looking carefully at pictures, we drew detailed pictures and labelled them to add to our Dinosaur Museums. We are starting to do some junk-model dinosaurs too! On Thursday we all shared our favourite books, dressing up or bringing in special objects to talk about, and enjoyed going to a special World Book Day assembly in the hall - everyone looked so interesting! And as well as all of this, we are learning lots about the number nine AND sounding and blending some long words in our phonics lessons. Fan/tas/tic!

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  • Dinosaurs

    Published 25/02/22

    The children have settled back into school well after half term and we have had a fantastic time starting to look at dinosaurs. We have been setting up our dinosaur museum and making fossils for the children to look at in there.  Everyone has enjoyed being outside in the different weathers this week and we have seen rain, hail and some sun. In the outside classroom the children have been making dinosaurs with the large construction blocks and have been very imaginative.

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  • Around the World - The Amazon

    Published 11/02/22

    This week Reception were on the move again - this time landing in the Amazon. We learnt about some amazing creatures such as emerald tree boas, anteaters, archer fish and how they have adapted to live in this environment. We painted amazing pictures and then drew animals on top - we really liked drawing the bird-eating tarantulas! We found out that the weather in the rainforest is humid, damp, hot and sticky. In our indoor PE session we practised moving like jaguars, monkeys and tapirs. Before we flew home, we wrote a postcard to our class from the rainforest, using describing words to explain what we could 'see'. 

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  • Around the World - China

    Published 04/02/22

    We are on the move again - this week to China, to celebrate Chinese New Year! We learnt the story of Nian and the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Now we know what this year's animal is - why don't you ask us! Then we made paper dragons, red lanterns and fireworks in a jar. Outside, we learnt how to write Chinese numerals from one to ten and used them to play hopscotch. We took our dragon masks and long scarves into PE to do beautiful dragon dancing to a special song - it was so good, we let Mrs O'Brien watch and she was very impressed!

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  • Around the World - The Arctic

    Published 28/01/22

    We are so busy in Reception - this week we have travelled from the heat of the desert to the chilly Arctic! When we arrived, we met the Inuit people and learnt how they live - then we had a go at building igloos and ice fishing, even though we didn't have that much ice. As well as comparing the seasons and weather with our own, we have studied facts about polar bears (ask us about their amazing paws), Arctic foxes and narwhals, and in maths we learnt how to make a polar bear from the shapes in a tangram. Then in our Arctic PE lesson, we walked like bears, hopped like Arctic hares and practised overarm throwing by aiming 'snowballs' at targets. All this as well as learning lots more digraphs and tricky words and working with the number 7. Phew!

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