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Year 1 News

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  • Bridges, Fruit Salads and a wild Rumpus!

    Published 26/01/23

    Bridges, Fruit Salads and a wild Rumpus!

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  • Wild Things, Uncle ed, Materials and Dienes

    Published 12/01/23
    We are very pleased with the way the children have settled into their usual routines after the holidays-well done Year 1! They are really enjoying our new class text, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and are getting used to having a daily E
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  • Christmas carols, potion spells and shape pictures.

    Published 14/12/22

    Christmas Carols, writing instructions for potions and making Christmas shape pictures

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  • Assemblies, sorting and History!

    Published 30/11/22

    Assemblies, sorting and History.

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  • Monsters, Golden books and number lines

    Published 16/11/22

    Monsters, Golden books and number lines


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  • Amazing moving pictures for Design and Technology

    Published 03/11/22

    Amazing moving pictures!

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  • Great Wall of China, addition and exciting sentences

    Published 12/10/22

    Great wall of China, addition and exciting sentences

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  • Collage, sentences and models in maths

    Published 29/09/22

    Collages, sentences and models in maths!

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  • Paper plate faces, numbers and the seven continents of the world

    Published 15/09/22
    This week Year 1 have settled really well into their learning and their second carousel of activities for the year. They have been making paper plate faces to build on the learning about our bodies. They have been ordering their numbers to 20 in math
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  • Year 1 Superheroes!

    Published 20/07/22

    Year 1 have had a wonderful final week! The highlight was definitely our Superhero day. We dressed up as our favourite superheroes, had a parade and played lots of fun games.

    We also enjoyed finishing our DT project, designing and making our own playground equipment.
    We hope you have a lovely, relaxing summer!


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  • Flange Joints and L Braces

    Published 15/07/22
    Do you know a flange joint from a slot join? Fear not the children in Year 1 can enlighten you. In DT we have been studying and designing free standing structures. We have investigated the function of playground equipment and how it is
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  • Last battle, sports day and much, much more ...

    Published 08/07/22

    This week we have role-played the battle of Hastings with our beautifully decorated, colourful shields. We then moved into a new topic of superheroes and have written a description of Supertato who saved all the veggies from evil pea! In maths, we have been learning about weight and capacity. We practised weighing objects with weights and we have investigated the capacity of a variety of school containers. In PE we had our amazing sports day and during the week we practised our running and ball skills. In art we have been learning about different types of brushes and how to use them by applying different amount of pressure to make thick and thin lines. Finally, in RE, we made a mosaic of a mosque using our learning on Islamic patterns and in computing we have made a snail in the style of Henri Matisse using our paints IT package.

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