Easy Fundraising Ideas
Sheen Mount Primary School would not be the amazing school it is without the help of the East Sheen and surrounding communities.  Government funding for schools is tight so the School benefits tremendously from the efforts that parents and other members of the community do to raise funds for the school. Below are a few ways you can, in very simple ways,  help to increase the money available for teaching and learning resources at the school.
Remote fundraising
Match Funding
A lot of companies will match any voluntary contribution you make to the school. This can be a financial contribution or a contribution in kind (e.g. time spent setting up Santa's Grotto for the Christmas Fair). It is a very simple way to double the help you are already providing the school. Please contact your employer to find out if they operate such a scheme. You would be surprised how generous some companies are in support of your efforts! 

Easy Fundraising gives you the opportunity to shop with one of their 3,169 registered shops and sites and earn money for the school without it costing you anything. The only thing you need to do is to go to the shop or site via the easy fundraising website and start shopping! The website for the Sheen Mount PSA is: 


Buy nametags

You can now recover your children's lost property and earn money for the PSA simultaneously by ordering nametags from  www.MyNametags.com using School ID 71504;

As one of our parents says: "If this could be used by all parents, the PSA would make a few hundred pounds per year for the school without a huge amount of effort. Hopefully it would moreover help to reduce the amount of unlabeled clothing in lost property. I use these labels for my children and they stick really well."

Please ensure you use the School ID 71504 and NOT the school name as any orders using the latter will not generate any funds for the PSA.