School Meals

Current Menu

Menu currently being served, valid until February Half-Term: Current menu

Crudités will also be provided, but will be served by staff to the children at their tables in their bubbles. 



Lunches for children in Reception and KS1 are funded under the Universal Infant Free School Meals programme.

Lunches for Key Stage 2 children (children in years 3-6) need to be paid for  at least half-termly, in advance. Refunds cannot be given for absences or changing to packed lunch during the half-term period. 


The cost for the second half Autumn Term 2020 is £80.96 

(total for the full Autumn Term 2020 - £168.98)

You can pay for the meals of your KS2 child via your child's Arbor account, which you can access by downloading the Arbor App or by clicking on the link below.


Select your child's lunches account and then "Top Up" £80.96 (or other appropriate amount) to load a positive balance onto the account.

The school incurs an additional charge for packed lunches required for school trips, sporting activities, etc. There will therefore be an additional charge of £0.18 per applicable day for this and we will contact you at the time to request that you top-up additional funds to cover this, or you can increase your initial top up if you prefer.



Free School Meals

Did you know you that you could be entitled to Free School Meals, even in Key Stage 2? Or that, if you are eligible, the school receives additional funding to help with your child's educational needs, even if you child is in Reception or Key Stage 1 (when the meals themselves are provided by the Universal Infant Free School Meals programme for all pupils)? Whatever your child's age, it is worth checking whether you are eligible and you can do so easily by clicking on this link: https://www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals  



School Milk

 Parents can register their children to receive milk at school every day via the Cool Milk website. Children who are registered will receive their milk without charge until they are 5 years old.

Packed Lunches

The school is proud of its exceptionally high uptake of hot meals, but you may opt to provide your child with a packed lunch. Should you  choose to do so, we ask you to read the following guidelines and support with your food choices on a daily basis. We will endeavor to ensure that children eating a packed lunch get to sit with their peers who may be eating a hot-meal.  All children will have access to drinking water.

Packed lunches should include:

  • at least one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables every day
  • meat, fish, eggs, or a non-dairy protein (e.g. lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, houmous, peanut butter, falafel) every day
  • oily fish like salmon, at least once every three weeks
  • a starchy food, such as bread (white or wholegrain rolls, pitta bread or wraps), pasta, rice, couscous, noodles, potatoes or
  • another cereal every day
  • a dairy food like milk, cheese, yoghurt, fromage frais or custard every day
  •  a drink of water, fruit juice or smoothie (maximum portion 150 mls), semi-skimmed, 1% fat or skimmed milk, yoghurt or another milk drink

Packed lunches can occasionally include:

  •  Meat products like sausage rolls, individual pies, corned meat and sausages.
  • Cakes and biscuits, but encourage your child to eat these as part of a meal

Packed lunches should not include:

  • salty snacks like crisps - instead include nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit with no added salt, sugar or fat.
  • confectionery like chocolate, chocolate-coated biscuits, cereal bars, processed fruit bars and sweets.
  • sugary soft drinks, like squash and fizzy drinks (even if labelled as ‘sugar-free’, ‘no-added sugar’ or ‘reduced sugar’ as these drinks can contribute to tooth decay and provide little nutritional value).


School meals at Sheen Mount are provided by Accent Catering


The catering service at Sheen Mount Primary School has been provided by Accent Catering Services since January 2013. Accent’s Head Chef Rob works very closely with the team at Sheen Mount to promote the service. All comments that can help Rob and Accent to improve the provision of its service to the school are greatly appreciated.


Healthy Eating


Accent Catering works with a consultant dietician and is an active member of the Food Standard’s Agency “Health Catering” sector.


Accent is accredited with achieving 98.3% fresh food, produced on site in our schools. 




Menus change seasonally with each new term and favourites feature alongside new, innovative dishes. Themed menus celebrate different cultures and offer students an opportunity to sample foods from other countries/cultures. Each month we feature theme days for the children to enjoy check out our annual calendar and monthly theme days advertised on the web site.




A delicious selection of freshly prepared homemade hot and cold food is available. Choose a main meal or a pre-arranged vegetarian dish, along with freshly cooked vegetables, homemade bread and an extensive salad bar all freshly made on the premises . All desserts are made on the premises from fresh ingredients, not mixes. Yoghurt and fresh fruit feature widely on our menus, helping children to achieve that goal of “five a day” fruit & vegetables.



Environmental Considerations


Sustainable sourcing, fair-trade and food miles are all taken very seriously

All our food is made from the freshest ingredients that, where possible, are locally sourced

Our meat and poultry is British

We use only Free Range eggs

75% of our fruit and vegetables are grown in Britain

Our packaging is in many cases made from recycled materials where used.



We are committed to provide


- A quality food offer that is seasonal, responsible, healthy and prepared fresh on site each day;

- A quality team that is well trained, experienced, motivated and proud to serve the children of Sheen Mount;

- A quality service delivered through customer focus, working partnerships and attention to the little details.



For more details and some tasty recipes to try at home, visit: accentcatering.co.uk/food