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Remote Learning

We encourage parents and carers to support their child's learning.  You can find further information here about our remote learning provision. How we put this into practice at Sheen Mount can be found here.

Remote Education Provision at Sheen Mount 

You will find an overview of what your child is learning in the curriculum bulletin for the year group. This can be found by clicking on the relevant year group in the drop-down menu of banner above.

One of the most important educational activities adults can do with children is reading. We ask all parents to take an active role in reading with their children. Children are expected to read at home every day. Even in the higher year groups parents should continue to read with, and to, their children. All pupils should regularly be asked to read out loud and asked questions about what has been read to check understanding. 

The school sets homework every week and expects parents to ensure that the homework is completed in full and on time. 

Below are some further tools that the school uses to support their child's learning. We have also added some optional resources that carers could consider when supporting their child at home.

Additional resources for children with special educational needs can be found  here.


One of the most important roles for parents is to help their children with their wellbeing. Parents and carers also need to ensure their own wellbeing. More resources on wellbeing can be found on on our dedicated webpage.

Google classrooms

The school uses Google Classrooms to issue homework to pupils online.  It is also used, under certain circumstances, to provide pupils with resources linked to the learning that has taken place that week.  The work does not replace participation to the learning in the classroom and should be seen whenever possible as a complement, not a replacement, for the learning that takes place at school with peers under the guidance of our qualified teachers.

Your child's username and password can be found on the inside cover of his/her homework book. All usernames follow the format  If for any reason you have lost or have not been issued with your child's log-in details, please contact the school office.

If you are accessing Google Classrooms from a tablet we highly recommend you download the Google Classroom app to access your child's account.

London Grid for Learning

London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is a charitable trust that was set up by 33 London boroughs in 2001. It is also the school's broadband and email service provider. As part of the school's subscription, LGfL also provides access to a number of learning resources.  

Check out useful resources such as Busy Things, Maths@Home and many more. By logging in, your child will have access to resources appropriate for their year group.

To log in please use your child's login details. They can be found on the inside cover of his/her homework book. If you cannot locate them, please contact the school office.

Additional resources (general)

Hamilton Trust free resources:

BBC Bitesize:

BBC Learning: . This site is old and no longer updated and yet there is so much still available.

Chatterpack resources:

Twinkl - enter code CVDTWINKLHELPS for a one month free subscription for parents :

Italian Resources:

Sumdog - free access to all resources before and during the school closures:

Kahn Academy: : American not-for-profit with the mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Useful for maths and computing for all ages, but be aware that this is an American site using the US grade system and American spelling. 

Additional resources (reading & phonics)

Education Endowment Foundations - Top tips for parents to support reading at home:​


Phonics Play:

Reading :

Additional resources (maths)

ICT Games:

Nrich maths - The home of rich mathematics:

Maths dictionary for kids:

BBC numeracy:

Additional resources (PE)

GoNoodle:  GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home