Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

4T - Mrs Teeling

4HW - Mrs Webster & Mrs Hayward

4L - Miss Lister

Support staff - Mrs Burlow, Mrs Barry, Miss Stannell, Miss Fosh, Mrs Hopwood, Mrs Sayyed,  Miss O'Mahoney, Mrs Ahayoun, Mrs Taylor.

We are approaching week five of the Autumn term and the children have impressed us with their attitudes to learning. We used the ‘Here We Are’ book to nurture the return to school and it helped the children reflect on pervious events but also give them time to consider what they are grateful for. We have seen in class the children are appreciating their friends and the support they give each other.

During Science we have now started our ‘States of Matter’ topic and had our first experiment this week learning how to classify Solids, Liquids and Gases. Test them on materials at home as we are now all experts!

We have written our first two Big Writes around our Greek Myths, which we can already see is a popular topic as we are all reading inspired and ambitious work from the children. We are excited to be sharing more Greek Myths with them during the coming weeks.