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Year 3 News

Year 3 are excited to share with you some of the wonderful learning they have been doing this term. Click on the posts below to find out more...

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  • Philosophy, Maths and Sports Day

    Published 15/07/21

    This week, the children have had a super time, developing their geometry skills in maths, using their thinking skills in philosophy and ending the week with Sports Day!

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  • Turns, Reciprocal Reading and Podkin Drama!

    Published 09/07/21

    This week in maths we have been learning about angles, turns and direction in our geometry topic. The children enjoyed writing turn problems for their talk partners to solve and using right-angle finders to identify all of the right angles in the classroom!

    We practised our reading and comprehension skills through reciprocal reading. It is great to see the children becoming so confident with their reading roles!

    This week, we read on in our core text Podkin One-Ear and had a lot of fun creating freeze frames to show a poignant moment of discovery in the story!

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  • Sandwich making!

    Published 02/07/21

    The children have had an exciting week in school and have worked very hard in all of their lessons. 

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  • Taste testing, Dam building, 'Les Couleurs' in French and Mass!

    Published 25/06/21
     This week in Year 3, the children really enjoyed taste testing five bread options ahead of designing and making their healthy  sandwiches in design and technology next week. They scored each bread out of five based on the following cr
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  • Plant hunting, music making and word searching!

    Published 17/06/21
    Year 3 have been busy with their learning this week. It has been wonderful to get outside in the sunshine for Safe Walking Week and all the children earned their badges - well done! In science this half-term we are learning about famous sci
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  • Measuring, Coding and Geography!

    Published 11/06/21

    It has been wonderful to welcome all the children back to school. They have worked very hard this week and have produced lovely work during their lessons.

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  • Coding, Making and Peer Editing

    Published 28/05/21
    We have been so excited to start swimming lessons again this week! The children have also completed their first foray into coding on the new Chrome books. This week we have completed our Design and Technology Shell Structures. They are rea
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  • Shell Structures, Fantasy Story Writing and Fractions

    Published 21/05/21
    This week Year 3 have been working very hard to design and create shell-structures in their design and technology lessons. After half-term, they will make sandwiches to keep inside them. They have designed their structures carefully to ensure th
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  • History, Maths and Spelling!

    Published 14/05/21

    What have we done this week?

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  • Observations and Investigations

    Published 07/05/21

    Observing and investigating in science and history lessons.

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  • Fractions, Freeze frames and Flowers!

    Published 29/04/21
    The children in Year 3 have had a fun and fascinating week of learning! In our maths lessons, we have enjoyed learning about fractions. The children used a variety of resources in order to help facilitate their understanding of unit and non - unit fr
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  • Podkin, PE and Plants

    Published 23/04/21

    It has been a productive first week back in Year 3. The children have thoroughly enjoyed making the most of the sunshine, and have worked particularly hard in their PE lessons this week! 

    In science we have started our new topic: Plants. The children have been learning about the conditions that plants need to become healthy and strong.

    Our maths topic this term is fractions. This week the children have been learning about unit and non-unit fractions, and finding fractions of shapes and a group of objects - using their times table multiplication and division facts.

    The children have been excited to begin their new core text for the summer term: The Legend of Podkin One-Ear. They have made predictions based on the front and back cover of the book, read and discussed their understanding of chapters 1 and 2 and even used top tips from the author Kieran Larwood to create their very own fantasy land maps!



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