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Year 3 News

Year 3 are excited to share with you some of the wonderful learning they have been doing this term. Click on the posts below to find out more...

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  • Do you have grouchy grandma?

    Published 25/01/23

    Try one of year 3's marvellous medicines which are guaranteed to cure all grandmas of grumpiness and proven to return smiles to all family members. Perhaps you would like to purchase Riley's Relentless Remedy or Elodie's Emerald Elixer or Olivia's Operational Ointment or even Pia's Petrifying Pills.

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  • Is your Grandma like George's?

    Published 12/01/23

    I hope she isn't! Year 3 have been describing the Grandma from George's Marvellous Medicine who is a grumpy old grouch to say the least. We have been writing some wonderful similes and metaphors to help us understand her character. We have also been learning how to organise our writing into paragraphs.

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  • Snow Ho HO

    Published 16/12/22

    Merry Christmas from the Year 3 Team

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  • Read All About It!

    Published 01/12/22

    This week year 3 have been learning how to be newspaper reporters and have written eye-catching headlines for the newspaper reports they are writing. Today, we have all been enjoying our STEM focus and have been engrossed in making our marble runs using good team work skills.

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  • Friction

    Published 16/11/22

    Year 3 have been investigating friction in our science lessons this week. We set up an investigation comparing how far a toy car would travel on different surfaces then recorded our results in a table. Ask your child which surface allowed the car to travel the furthest and why.

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  • Firework Fun

    Published 02/11/22

    Year 3 have been discussing fireworks this week but not because of Bonfire Night or Diwali. We have started reading our new class book; The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman. 

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  • Stone Age Fun

    Published 13/10/22

    We have had 2 days of prehistory active learning this week; first we had a wonderful visit from a person from the Stone Age and an archaeologist on Wednesday then today we have spent the whole day outside completing Stone Age inspired activities as part of our forest school.  

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  • A Night on Bear Mountain

    Published 29/09/22

    Year 3 have been making music based on Mussorgsky's A Night on Bear Mountain. They have used percussion instruments to represent the footsteps and spells of the witches in famous tone poem.

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  • Budding geologists

    Published 14/09/22

    Year 3 have started their first science topic of key stage two; rocks and soils. They have been studying different rocks and can already describe the 3 different types of rocks; sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.

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  • Thank you for a wonderful year!

    Published 19/07/22

    Thank you for all your hard work this year, we wish you a happy summer and good luck next year!

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  • D&T Focus Week: Healthy Sandwiches!

    Published 14/07/22

    Year 3 have been busy taste-testing, designing, making and evaluating healthy sandwiches. They were thoughtful when scoring taste, texture, smell and presentation of bread and salad items. Their plans included exploded diagrams of bread and sandwich contents alongside thoughts on how to be innovative! They had tremendous fun putting the sandwiches together on Thursday and enjoying a picnic together in the playground.

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  • Story time in the magical forest

    Published 08/07/22

    We were whisked away to The Five Realms while we listened to 'Podkin One-Ear' in the beautiful story tent.  We have found out why Podkin only has one-ear and are on the edge of our seats to know if he and his sisters will escape from the terrible Gorm. 

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